by Jaren Skirvin

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some songs about Lafayette, some songs about love, some fun stuff.



released August 14, 2014

Album art photography: Baron Mattern
Digital editing: Jaren Skirvin



all rights reserved


Jaren Skirvin Lafayette, Indiana

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Track Name: Forty Days and Nights
Skeletons leave tombs sometimes,
wide eyed staring eyes,
humanity questionable,
holding on to what is left.
Bugs crawling out to the light,
discovery is an awful sight,
burning their flesh right off their bones,
seeking out a new place,
that they might call home.

What passes now for a home?
A box to keep you in from the cold?
If home is where the heart is,
I lost mine long ago.
Track Name: Doin' Drugs
I think you would like my town,
we have a church or two,
a college or two,
and lots of drugs to do.

Downtown, is the place,
the place with the drugs,
and up town to,
lots of drugs to do.

It was cool growing up there.
There's a courthouse and a college,
a river and railroad tracks.
It's a small town, so there wasn't much to do.
We rode bikes, smoked pot, got into trouble

Sometimes we walk the river,
swim the dead waters,
then we head back home,
to do drugs.

Nights are where the stuff happens,
where the stuff happens,
stuff like drugs,
drugs happen.
Track Name: Pillars In The Distance
That sweet smell in the air
I don't even care,
what the sun is like
that the sky is bright

that sweet smell in the air
kill all your cares
stop all your stories
forget all your worries

All I care is to be next to you,
with that sweet smell in the air.
Track Name: P8R7y S0N6
I know you wanna have fun tonight,
And havin fun is alright.
But make sure you are safe and sound,
cause you don't want no trouble around.

Stay away from drugs.
Don't do no drinking.
But if you choose to don't drive,
Even when intoxitcated keep thinkin!

We're gonna have a fun night tonight!
We're gonna have a safe night tonight!
Partying is the best with friends!
Friends are the best when they're not dead!

If you meet a girl who is a cutie,
and you think you might get to touch her patootie,
Make sure you use protection,
in prevention of getting an infection.

Syphilis, ghonerhea, HIV!
None of those things sit well with me!
I don't wanna be hanging out in the clinic,
I just wanna have a good night tonight!

We're gonna have a fun night tonight!
We're gonna have a safe night tonight!
Partying is the best with friends!
Friends are the best when they're not dead!
Track Name: I, et si
There are times
when i dont want to be here
there are times
i dont want to go outside

and then i remember
that i have you,
and you and you
and you

and i know that some
some of you are dead
when im sitting alone
im missing you

but sometimes
we have to move on
whether we want to or not
Track Name: A Couple of Punks In Love
For every mile between us,
I send you a kiss,
for every kiss in our future,
I shed a tear.

I want your love,
like I want the sun.
Track Name: They'll Kill You
You're trying to reinvent yourself,
you're trying to improve you,
but they all just laugh at you,
like a fat kid on a bike.

I wanna kill them,
they'll kill you.

I hold doors open for strangers,
to let them in,
besides I'm forgetting,
how to begin,
each word is more dull than the last.
Quitting each statement before it becomes,
something worse.
Just want to be my best,
find out how to win over,
something to possess.
Feeding pity into conversation,
committing to the realization,
I'm just a pig in a factory,
Being what has to be,
dying anatomy,
eating the soul out of me.

I wanna kill them,
they'll kill you.
Track Name: Synchronicity
Love with you,
is simply a blessing,
each time I see you,
I keep on guessing,
is this a trap,
is there a knife behind your back?
But you let me know,
there's no need for stressing.
Because love with you,
it is a blessing.
Track Name: At Least You Can Sleep Well Tonight
I've got two gallons of gas,
I'm ready to go fast,
I'll be burning through the past,
on my way home.
We don't have reason to expect the future,
of course it could just be me,
and she goes, and he goes,
on the way home.
Is there a light at the end of this tunnel,
on my way home.
I hope someone kills me tonight,
I can't stand being alright,
so I just go and go and go,
on my way home.

My hometown,
is the place where I will go to die,
I won't believe the lie,
that everything gets better with time.

Someday you will hate the way,
you talk down to us, you hated us.
You regretted us, tried to forget us,
in the end you won't have a home to go back to.

My hometown,
is the place where I will go to die.